No Echoes or Cross Talk For Location Based Entertainment

Between's API eliminates echoes and crosstalk for VR/AR/MR. You can build with our voice SDK for lower latency, or easily integrate with Dolby, Agora, Teamspeak, and more.

World Class Standards

Between’s patented technology was built from the ground up with experts from Google, Sonos, and Microsoft.

Voice Segmentation

Isolates and amplifies the voice you want to hear.

Network Adaptation

Adjusts to changing network conditions for smooth audio.

Ship Fast

Easy to build with, either from scratch or on top of your VoIP.

Recommended Hardware

If you have a modern headset, then we support it

Supported Engines & Platforms

Plugins for all major 3D engines and platforms

Two Great Options

End to End API

Reduce your media costs. Experience sub 100ms latency.

Plugin API

Integrate on top of your existing VoIP Like Photon, Agora, and more